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We Provide Market Leading LED Equipment

We are a systems integrator based in Leeds UK, specialising in fixed indoor and outdoor installations. With over 10 years’ experience in the field, we have the knowledge to create bespoke solutions for all of our customers. We deliver a wide range of LED solutions with fantastic contrast ratios and brightness capabilities, with one suitable for each specific customer’s requirements. Digital displays can be used to create a range of highly dependable solutions, helping to establish their relevance.

Indoor LED

Optimised for closeup use, indoor LEDs can bring new life into your business. Using small scale panels, we can build bespoke displays to your exact specification. Whether you require a display to fit to an exact space, or for a custom design, we have a solution to best accommodate you.

Outdoor LED

With a range of pixel pitches to suit longer distances, outdoor LEDs are a great way for users to reach a wider client base. Fit with a weatherproof enclosure and designed for 24/7 usage, these specialised displays can be used by businesses directly or rented out as a means of additional revenue.

Presentation LED

Revitalise meeting and conference rooms with fit for purpose high quality LED displays. Fitting seamlessly into your space, their high resolution and brightness makes them perfect for workspaces. However you plan on using LED in your workspace we can help.

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Do you have more questions about any of or bespoke LED solutions? Or would like to discuss an upcoming digital signage project in further detail then please feel free to drop us a line. Betta LED will offer you the support and guidance to help get the most from your hardware to create a Brighter Vision.

Our Story

Our fascination with LED technology has made it our mission to create a brighter future.

We are a team of creative thinkers, we work with our clients to ensure that we meet their requirements with all LED digital displays. Our Story began on a trip to Amsterdam while visiting the Integrated Systems Europe Exhibition where we wanted to discover the true capabilities of LED technology, we were blown away and found it fascinating. Our fascination with LED technology then took us to Shenzhen, China, where we met a leading producer in the market. Our eyes were open to the vast range LED technology has to offer and its limitless potential. We returned to the UK full of enthusiasm and we have made it our mission to educate others on the wonders of LED technology, helping businesses implement visual displays using this wonderful product.


Meet The Team

Alastair Webster


Alastair has a healthy obsession with all things business and digital, strongly believing that technology is the future and can improve all businesses. Constantly searching for new ways to improve digital visualisation, he will jump at the chance to make suggestions and help improve businesses that do not have technology on their side. Outside of work Al is a family man, and has a passion for football . You will definitely find him chatting about transfer windows and last night’s game.

Thomas Bancroft


Animal lover Tom has a keen eye for all things process related. He has a vast knowledge of marketing and business development, he loves a challenge, working closely with our customers and searching for that new product to improve customer experience. He is an avid bird watcher and loves to make a working day in the office productive yet fun. Like Chewbacca is to Han Solo, Tom is never without his sidekick Nancy, the softest bulldog you have ever met.

David Wade

Head of Technical & Implementation

Dave helps our clients achieve their vision in digital format. Heading up our service department he is always tinkering with a new project. He is obsessed with photography having images previously published in high-end publications. Dave is a coffee connoisseur who loves to read literature and travel. Alongside these things he is also partial to a fine beer and cigar.

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